A new project…

8 November 2020 Weekly updates

Afternoon everyone

Hope you’re making the most of the lovely weather! I don’t normally email you on a weekend, but see below…


A quick note to tell you that there’s a new, rather exciting project, on the immediate horizon. I can’t tell you any details until probably next week, but I can tell you that for you it’ll involve a similar sort of input as You’ve Got A Friend did – ie, recording a (landscape!) video of yourself singing a part, which you’ll have to learn first. It’ll be done and dusted by the first week in December, probably sooner.


This next bit is a super-important step. If you are interested in being involved in this project, I need you to click here now and sign-up on the form. Just do it once, please – make the effort to remember that you’ve done it. I need this to be done BY TUESDAY’S REHEARSAL please, preferably sooner. If you don’t do it, you won’t get the instructions that I’ll be giving out. This is arguably the most exciting thing we’ve been involved with yet, so don’t miss out – you’ll kick yourself if you do. You will need to attend some online rehearsals for this, so you need to be an active member, at least for these particular weeks – it’s fine to PAYG, or if you can’t afford to do so, that’s also fine. We probably won’t start it this Tuesday as I don’t think I’ll be ready by then, but it’ll probably be the following one (it’ll have to be, given the time-frame I think). I want as many of you as possible on this.


One thing about quality. It’s time that some of you upgraded a little. Some of you have really old headsets that came free with your phone, and the quality of sound that things like this produce is terrible. If you’re going to do this, and actually want to be included in the recording and not muted, I recommend that if you’re using your computer, you get yourself the following:

  • Either a pair of over-ear headphones (they don’t have to be expensive – here’s an example) or earbuds of the type that go right inside your ear (this sort of thing). Please don’t use the old white iPhone ones which sit inside the entrance to your ear – they allow too much sound to bleed into the microphone. Things like the newer iPhone earbuds are fine – basically if they have a rubber bit that fits in the ear canal, they’re probably good.
  • a reasonable USB microphone. I realise money can be an issue at the moment, so here’s a link to a cheap one which will be fine, a mid-range one which is good, plus the Blue Yeti which I have here, which is excellent.

The sound that’s produced from the aforementioned old headset mics often produces a sound which is really distorted, and there’s nothing I can do about that except mute it so it doesn’t ruin the recording. Alternatively, sometimes you get that sound which sounds like you’re gargling in a swimming pool – anyone who used Napster in the 90s will remember the sound of a really poorly encoded mp3 file. Neither of these sounds are usable.

If you’re using a phone, if it’s a fairly up-to-date one, that will probably have a fairly decent microphone in it.

Sorry to be cryptic about the project, but I have to be at the moment.

Catch you soon.