Calling LCV knitters – come knit for a good cause!

9 October 2017 Featured, News

LCV members have never been slow at doing their bit to help a good cause – from regularly singing for charity; to helping out fellow members who have had unexpected life challenges; to specific charitable projects organized by individual members that we come together to support – we’re there with our time, talents and money.

Last month, for example, Lisa Howells raised over £1000 to help a woman who had been made homeless through escaping an abusive relationship to get a roof over her head.  Karen Williams, fed up with seeing the St Mary-at-Hill clock stuck at 7.03 during rehearsals, decided that we should help pay for it to be repaired, via a collection tin and some motivational chocolates, and more recently several members have run for charity in half marathons which members have donated towards.

This month it is Sharon Stokes who is encouraging members to get involved with a charitable project, via her friend in Derby who is helping children in Africa. She wants us to dig out our knitting wool and needles and knit, or crochet, small squares that she will stitch together to form a blanket for a child in an orphanage in Kabale, Uganda. These kids currently have no personal possessions, which means that their blanket will most likely be the first and only thing that they will own. So that’s quite a gift we will be giving them!

You have artistic liberty to do pretty much what you want with your square. It can be in any stitch and you can even decorate it with embroidery if you wish such as embroidered flowers, hearts or birds (though no branding please – so no letters or anything representing LCV) But it HAS to be in LCV colours – i.e.shades of orange, red, pink, black and maroon and each one must measure approximately 6 inches (15 cms) on each side (though 1 cm out either way is fine).

To make things easier, Sharon has already purchased some appropriate wool which she took with her on holiday to Spain where she made them up into smaller balls (that’s dedication for you) sufficient for one 6 inch square and will give out to willing participants at the end of rehearsals all this week (starting Monday 8 October). She will be there from 8pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and from 6.20pm on Wednesday. You will just need your own 4mm knitting or crochet needles to complete the job. It’s okay to use your own wool if you prefer – ideally it should be Double Knit (DK), though 4ply or Aran will work too, and it definitely has to be machine washable, and of course LCV colours.

You can make as many or as few squares as you wish. But please put your contribution in a small bag labelled with your name, to ensure that we have a fair representation of everyone’s handiwork in the final product. Seventy 6 inch squares are needed for one blanket, so that’s Sharon’s initial target, but if she ends up with enough for more than one blanket that’s even better, as currently there is a need for 100 of them and it’s an on-going requirement. Sharon will then stitch the squares together and send the blanket off to Derby for shipment to Uganda.

Shipment only occurs once a year so in order to make sure our LCV handiwork doesn’t miss the boat, please return your squares to Sharon by the end of this term. So that’s one Christmas gift you can help create that really will make a difference!

If you need more information about the project then feel free to contact Sharon on Otherwise guys it’s ready, steady, knit!