You’re part-way through the term, is it worth me coming along or should I wait until a new term starts?

Yes – definitely come along. We have new people at almost every practice, even at the end of term.


I’ve just come to my taster session and loved it, but I seae your concert is in three weeks’ time. Can I join in the concert?

As a rule, no, but if you are a proficient sight-reader and are willing to put in the hours to learn all the material, talk to Richard and we’ll see.


I haven’t sung for years. Can I still join?

Of course.


I’m going to miss a few weeks of term. Can I pay a pro-rata term fee?

No. The best thing to do is work out whether it will be more economical for you to pay per session or to pay the term fee.


Do I have to keep coming to the same venue or can I chop and change?

We practise exactly the same material at each rehearsal, so you can come to whichever is most convenient for you that week, with no fear of missing anything.


Is it worth paying for a term?

It totally depends on what you think your attendance will be like. Many of our members come more than once a week, so for them it is much more economical to pay the term fee rather than per session.


Are there any opportunities for solos?

No. Everything we do is ensemble-based. However, each term we hold an open mic night when members can perform their party pieces to friends and family.


Do I have to read music?

Not at all. Some of our members can sight-read; others have no idea what those dots and squiggles are all about.


Will I have to sing on my own?



Is there an audition or probationary period?

No, neither.


My wife/husband/children/friends/dog say I can’t sing. Can I still join?

They’re wrong. Of course you can. Seriously, we can offer a lot of help and support to you if you have problems singing in tune/time. We’re an all-comers choir, with a wide range of abilities.


Do I have to learn the songs off by heart for the concerts?

No, you can sing from your folder or iPad if you wish. We may occasionally ask you to learn one or two songs off by heart if it would really benefit the performance, but we’ll give you lots of support.

COVID-19: We have restarted in-person rehearsals again. If you would like to join, please sign up to our email on the Join Us page. You'll get an email about how to arrange a taster session.