LCV entertains

5 July 2017 News

LCV members have been busy entertaining people with their collective vocal talents recently (with some dance moves thrown in for good measure). First off, around 50 members headed to the Scoop near Tower Bridge for the last of the Massaoke summer sessions last Friday night. For the uninitiated (sorry you’ve been missing out!), Massaoke is a form of mass karaoke involving a live band; a giant screen showing pop videos and, most crucially, hundreds of people singing along to those, classic yet slightly cheesy, hairbrush anthems. LCV was made for this!!!!

In fact, one senses the organisers may have snuck into one or two of our past gigs, as a few familiar numbers from our repertoire made an appearance. But we didn’t mind showing off our harmonies to the likes of Toto’s Africa and Madonna’s Like a Prayer – not to mention our Elbow/Beatles mash-up finale, ensuring that no-one within earshot will ever be able to listen to Hey Jude the same way again.

But the fun didn’t need to end as the band packed up – not when you had Richard whipping his beatbox out of his bag! Within minutes we were entertaining the lingerers and passers-by with some LCV classics, all to the backdrop of an illuminated Tower Bridge. It must have been a cracking combination because one audience member got so carried away that he excitedly shouted: “I’ve just proposed to my girlfriend while you were singing!” That warm and fuzzy feeling he felt when she said yes (she did say yes didn’t she?!) was echoed by us as we boarded our night buses and trains home, knowing that it had been of those special summer evenings that had done us all just fine!

A more official gig two days later may possibly have been our biggest challenge yet – we had the herculean role of cheering up a bunch of London Democrats at their annual Fourth of July picnic. Well, let’s face it, they may not have felt they had much to smile about this year. But fortunately the mercury was hot (by English standards); the beers were cold, and we belted out some good old American classics to help them forget their political woes. By the end, we had pretty much everyone singing and clapping along. My only regret is that we didn’t end with Don’t Stop Believin’. I reckon we could have even brought the laid-back lounger in the Stars and Stripes onesie to his feet with that one.

And so our job was done for another weekend. Our remaining tasks this month will be to entertain firstly some very eccentric English gentlemen, then a bunch of Ale-loving trainspotters. For a choir that can conjure up marriage proposals and cheer up disillusioned Americans all in the course of one weekend, that’s a walk in the park for us. So we say bring it on!