LCV w/b 1 Feb 2021

2 February 2021 Weekly updates
Afternoon all
Hope you are keeping well. Welcome to all newcomers – do please introduce yourselves with a reply to this email – we like to get to know our members!
If you haven’t yet done so, please download Telegram Messenger on your phone and join at least the first of these two groups below. This is quite important, as the emails do go astray and sometimes for no apparent reason you will just find yourself booted off the mailing list. It’s all to do with the amount of spam messages that go around – if your server decides that my message is spam, it will refuse delivery, then my list provider will decide that you said you didn’t want to receive it and kick you off. That sort of thing. So, get on the list below.
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LCV general wibble       lots of chat, GIFs, etc
We’ll be carrying on with I Only Want To Be With You tonight, so make sure you’ve had a listen and downloaded your music from the Member Login area of the website (password c0mmun1tych01r). The link for the rehearsal is here:
You’ll have noticed that I’ve been making a bit of a fuss about Jamulus. This is because it’s the closest thing you can get at the moment to the actual choir experience online. It’s worth the little bit of hassle that it takes to get yourself sorted. So, we’re going to have a bit of a Jamulus week, in that tonight, a few people will be on there, so you all get a chance to hear what it sounds like. You’ll still have to mute yourself to sing along, and now and then there may be very occasional internet glitches/crackles, but overall I believe that the benefits outweigh the costs. Once we’ve tried it, I’d be keen to hear your feedback – whether or not you intend to try the new tech. I’m constantly looking for ways of engaging you more, and making it more like the real thing.
Even if you don’t make the move to Jamulus for various reasons, you’ll benefit by being able to hear a group of people singing together, and you can sing along with them (repeat: muted). I’ll call it the Jamulus Hub, and numbers aren’t limited to six. You’ll have to be inducted first, so we don’t get lots of tech support issues going on.
Tomorrow’s Wednesday Workshop (7pm) will also be about Jamulus, but this is for people to find out about it, what it looks like, how it works, what settings to use etc. I have to warn you, I’m a Mac person, not a PC person, so I may not be able to help you configure YOUR machine if it’s a PC, but I’ll try. Please sign up here so I know how many people to expect. This would be a good session to come to ahead of Friday’s one. The link to the session is here:
Lastly, Friday’s Jamulus session is at 7:30pm (or 6:30pm for new Jamuli). These are a bit of a new addition to the schedule, but the aim is to explore singing together online – we’re not working towards anything, but may learn new stuff or go through some older stuff in detail, and then have a bit of a sing through some material. Last week’s session felt rather like Jamie’s at the end – we all had a drink and sang through various songs. You can see the results on our YouTube channel here: If you’d like to attend this, please sign up on the Google form: (no need to do it again if you’ve already done it for a different week!)
Lastly, a reminder about the Virtual Open Mic on Sat 13 Feb. There’s still space to sign up if you want to at
That’s it for this week. See you soon!