LCV w/b 15 Feb 2021

15 February 2021 Weekly updates
Hello all
Hope you had great weekends. Wasn’t Open Mic great! If you missed it, you can catch up with it on the original link – we had to edit out Stew and Sally’s performance as YouTube was blocking the backing track, but their fabulous performance is available at Apologies for the delay in uploading the last two rehearsals and workshops – it takes time to edit, and mine is limited. The rehearsals are uploading as I type.
The Zoom link for this week’s rehearsal tomorrow at 6:30pm is:
Hopefully there won’t be any silly issues with logging in this time – not sure why that happened last week. Over the next few weeks we have Ben teaching us a couple of GREAT songs… “Toxic” by Britney, and “Black Magic” by Little Mix. These are all up on the website and in the Choir App. I’m still working on the Rock Mashup – it’s coming on nicely! Last week, after some initial gurgling with the sound, I managed to sort it out – I think I have it sorted now, so there should be a minimum of gurgling in future. I can’t guarantee it, but the only way to know is to experiment!
Quiz on WEDNESDAY, 8:30pm
It’s half-term this week, so instead of Workshops, it’s quiz time! The link is Links to the answer forms will be sent out shortly before the event. Note the change from the usual quiz night to a Wednesday.
I’m going to keep nagging you that if you haven’t yet looked into this, you should really do so. It’s an absolute game-changer. The experience, once you get the setup correct, is amazingly like the real thing. You can hear your own voice blending with everyone else’s.
I am offering Jamulus onboarding sessions tonight, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm. Only three people have taken me up on this so far. If you’re interested in learning how to configure and use it, please sign up at and make sure you’re on Telegram – I’ll invite you to the Zoom through that. Once you’ve done an onboarding session, I’ll invite you to join the Jamulus Telegram group, and you’ll be able to attend the Friday sessions and also participate in the Tuesday rehearsals through Jamulus, which is the next best thing to actually being in the room together.
We’ve managed to get some pretty technophobic people signed up and working with Jamulus, so please don’t think you have to be super-techy to make it work. There are lots of people who are quite good at helping out, and if you’re on a Mac, it’s very straightforward indeed. If you don’t have the right computer to run it all, Jim and I are looking at a hardware solution to get you online without breaking the bank. It might cost up to £150 including the mic and audio interface etc, but if you already have some of the equipment it might be significantly cheaper. We’ll let you know when we have worked this out.
Like last term, we’re asking you to pay what you can/what you think it’s worth. Our full term fee is £140, or you can pay £10 per session for whatever you take part in (rehearsals, Jamulus sessions, workshops, open mics, singalongs, etc). We would simply ask that if your income hasn’t been negatively affected by COVID, and you take part in regular choir stuff, you would pay the normal fee. If you’ve lost your job or you’ve been hit financially, please just pay what you can afford to. If you pay less than half the term fee (£70) that will cover you for rehearsals but anything else will be on a £10-per-session basis. Like all arts organisations we are feeling the pinch and really do appreciate your support. You’ve been absolutely fabulous at sticking with us through the Zoom months, and we love you all.
Payment details are as follows:

London City Voices Ltd
Sortcode:                 090128

Account number:    94145758
I think that’s it for now. See you all soon!