LCV w/b 16 Nov 2020

16 November 2020 Weekly updates
Afternoon all
Hope you had good weekends.
A big warm welcome to any new people who have just joined us. You’ve arrived at an exciting time. We’re just about to embark on a Secret Project for Christmas, which involves recording some video and audio for a famous singer. If you’re just joining us for the first time, make sure you read all the information below, sign-up on the Google form and join the Telegram groups. Once you join the official Secret Project group, you’ll be able to find out more about the project and what it involves. Please do not share the information in there with ANYONE – it’s essential that it remains hush-hush until it’s released in mid-December.

The first thing I need to ask you all to do is to make sure that you have downloaded the Telegram app for either your phone or your computer (or both!). This will really help you stay in touch with what we’re doing – email is less reliable these days mainly because of a combination of deliverability and email fatigue. There are then some groups available to join – you should all join the first one to make sure you stay in touch.
Only admins will be able to post in this one, so you won’t get disturbed at silly-o’clock. This is where you’ll hear announcements about opportunities, rehearsals etc.
This is where you can chat about various choir-related things.
There are nearly 300 people in the official group now, but I usually have about 700 opens of my email per week, so there are lots of you who haven’t yet joined. You will probably start to miss out on information if you don’t join these groups – be warned. They’re very useful for things like last-minute changes of plan, or opportunities which come up. Telegram is fully encrypted, so is safe to use – it’s similar to WhatsApp but has some advantages over that.
There are also two more groups – see below.

Most of you know that there’s a secret project going on, which is very exciting. A few days ago I asked you to join this Telegram group if you were planning to get involved with it. Most of you who have signed up on the Google Form have now joined, but there’s still a group of about 50 of you who have signed up on the Google Form but have not yet joined the group. PLEASE JOIN THE GROUP! No further information will be given out here, so you need to be in the Telegram group to take part. It’s simple – if you don’t join the group, you won’t get the info you need. This is the email in which I’ll mention it for the moment. You can still sign up on the Google form for the project but I’ll close the form later tonight.
There’s a Telegram group specifically to discuss the project here. Not compulsory, but it’s quite useful for general information about recording etc.
I’ve been waiting for sign-off on the parts for the project before letting you know what’s going on. I’ve been given the go-ahead to disseminate the parts, so I’m getting these sorted out now. I’ll announce on the group when they’re ready and what you need to do. There will be some info up there today, but it’ll be quite a bit later tonight.
Choir Resources is dead. Long live the Member Login. If you haven’t yet changed your bookmarks, do so now. The new password is c0mmun1tych01r (no comma, my bolding of text was a bit overenthusiastic last week). The rehearsal and Zoom recordings should be much easier to find now, plus I’m copying these emails there too (mostly).

This will be for the above-mentioned project. I’m expecting a lot of you to be online for this, so please make sure that you keep yourselves muted unless there’s a specific question. Also, please keep questions to a minimum, as I’ll probably cover the information. If I say “any questions?”, don’t feel that you have to have one… Zoom link is here. As I said above, links will be on Telegram later, so make sure you’re on there or you won’t get the music.

Wednesday will see the second in the “Music Technology” workshops. Just a quick guide to what these aren’t… They’re NOT an exact “user guide” to these programs. I can’t always show you exactly how to do things on your own system, particularly if you have a specialised setup. These workshops have to be for the many, not the few. I can show you how I go about composing and arranging, and many of the things that you can do using this sort of technology. I can show you principles, and I can show you things that people get wrong, I can show you all sorts of things, but please don’t ask me to tell you which button to press to get this particular option up on your PC, or how it works on your iPad. There are many other resources which deal with those things, this is not one of them. Sign up for the workshop here, join it here.

Our marvellous InQuizitors are back this Thursday at 8:30pm for another quiz. As ever, the links to the answer forms will be sent out shortly before the event starts. The YouTube link to the live stream where the questions are asked is here. If you’re new to us, feel free to join in with some friends over a Zoom call, or put out a shout on the Telegram wibble group or the Facebook group if you’d like a team to join. A very big thankyou to Ed, Jess, Meera and Ben who make this happen.
I think that’s it for the moment. Hopefully see lots of you tomorrow.