LCV w/b 23 Nov 2020

23 November 2020 Weekly updates

Afternoon all

Hope you’re all very well indeed. Big welcome to all newbies – do drop us a line and say hi!

I’m just embarking on this huge project right at the moment, and that’s taking up most of my thinking time, so excuse me if I’m not that present this week.

With that in mind, a last quick call for anyone who has not yet submitted their video/audio/consent form AND still wants to do so… If you haven’t told me that you’re intending to do it, please do so as a matter of urgency. I’ve put out a call today on Telegram, but we appear to be missing about 100 videos from people who said they wanted to do it. Technically the deadline was last night, but I can give you until last thing tomorrow night AS LONG AS I KNOW! If you now don’t wish to be involved, please let me know, as otherwise I’ll probably chase you up to make sure that your files aren’t lost somewhere.

I was going to finish up my new song tomorrow, but instead, we’ve decided to have a good old singalong with some of the concert videos – my head is going to be elsewhere, and my computer will not be set up to teach properly. If you haven’t been to one of these yet, do come and give it a go – it’s surprisingly emotional! As my new song does say… “we’ll soon be back together, lifting voices and spirits as we sing!”. Bring a glass of wine and sing along with us. The Zoom link is, password c0mmun1ty

This week is supposed to be the third week of Music Tech, so I can think of no better way of doing it than showing you what I’m doing with the audio files. If it works, that is. It might be that there’s too much processing going on to make it workable – if that’s the case then I’ll do something else, but we can try. The link for that is, password c0mmun1ty. No need to sign up for that one, let’s just see how many we get.

It should all calm down on Telegram very shortly – there’s been a lot of chat about recording techniques etc, and a fair bit of me getting irate and grumpy (standard) when people don’t READ THINGS PROPERLY are really busy and ask questions which might have been asked before. Please do make sure you’re signed up at least to the official LCV Telegram group, which is where you’ll only get messages from me and other admins.

Just to reiterate – if you haven’t changed your bookmarks to this, you’ll need to go to the website, click on Member Login and set that as your new bookmark. The new password is c0mmun1tych01r. All the sheet music and recordings are available from there, as are the Zoom rehearsals, workshops and payment links, plus a copy of this email, not necessarily beautifully-formatted.

If you haven’t already done it, download Toby’s brilliant Choir Practice app, which even lets you slow down a song so you can learn it more easily:
iPhone, iPad, iPod:
You’ll need to enter the password for the resources page the first time you use the app.

You can buy him a coffee if you use the app:

Many of you have received lots of help and support from Jason with editing your files for Open Mic. If you’d like to buy him a coffee – or maybe several – for that, you can do so at

A reminder that this is on Sat 12 Dec. We’re pretty full now, could maybe fit one or two more in. Signup is

Check out the Inner Terrestrials new video release, Mercenaries, at It’s awesome! Turn the volume up!

Think that’s it for the moment.

Speak soon