LCV w/b 25 Jan 2021

26 January 2021 Weekly updates
Hello all. Apologies for the lateness of this week’s email. I was trying to finish an application for an Arts Council grant, and the deadline was noon today! I finally bowed out at 6am after realising that I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Thank you again to those who sent testimonials – they mean a lot, and they won’t go to waste! I’ll be looking at more applications soon – not today though!
If you’re new to us, a very big welcome. One day soon we’ll get to actually meet you in person. For now, we’re just online. Do say hello in an email to us if you can – we like to know who is on board.
If you haven’t yet done so, please download Telegram Messenger on your phone and join at least the first of these two groups below. This is quite important, as the emails do go astray and sometimes for no apparent reason you will just find yourself booted off the mailing list. It’s all to do with the amount of spam messages that go around – if your server decides that my message is spam, it will refuse delivery, then my list provider will decide that you said you didn’t want to receive it and kick you off. That sort of thing. So, get on the list below.
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This week we’ll be finishing off Morgan’s arrangement of “Stacy’s Mom”, and starting Lucy’s arrangement of “I Only Want To Be With You”. Lucy’s going to teach this herself, and I’ll be there too, so be on your best behaviour. This is actually the first time since lockdown began last March that we’ve had someone other than me take a session! All music is on the website – Member Login page (password: c0mmun1tych01r)
Wednesday 27 January 7pm (tomorrow)
Another music theory and notation workshop. Free if you’ve paid more than half the usual term fee (£70), otherwise £10. Don’t worry about signing up, just pile in!
Thursday 28 January 8:30pm
The first LCV pub quiz of 2021 (thank you Inquizitors). As usual, answer forms will be sent out shortly before the event.
Saturday 13 February 8:30pm
The first open mic of 2021 (what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!)
This is sure to be a great night. So far 15 people have signed up on the spreadsheet. We have lots more space – we can fit another ten. Please get your submissions in the dropbox folder by midnight Thursday 11 Feb. Signup link is
We had one new person join us last Friday for an actual live sing-song. It’s really not that difficult to sort out all the technical stuff – as long as you have the requirements below – so if you’d like to join in this week on Friday, at 7.30pm, don’t be put off by thinking you have to be a tech genius. You just need to be able to fiddle with some settings and not be too frustrated if it doesn’t work immediately.
  • Windows 10 PC or Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or later. Tablet and phone are not supported at this time)
  • External microphone
  • Wired (not Bluetooth) headphones
  • Decent internet connection, preferably wired, but WiFi may be ok
  • Patience (essential)
We’d love to have more of you on board now – we’re aiming to extend this more and more. For the moment, we’ll either look in depth at some repertoire we already mostly know, or it’ll be very simple new arrangements. I posted a sample of us singing “Moon River” on the Telegram group. That was a warts-and-all recording, so you can get an idea of what it’s like. Unfortunately Sinéad, our only soprano, had a very dodgy internet connection, so there was a definite “morse code” vibe going on, but other than that it wasn’t half bad. Sign up here If you sign up, I’ll be adding you to a Telegram group, so make sure you’re on that platform as you won’t get any other notification.
This is SO much work but SO much fun. You’re going to love it I think. Pretty much something for everyone in here – covering all the main genres of rock (except rock ‘n’ roll, that’s one for the future maybe).
Several of these are still under the piano. Just sayin’…
That’s it for the moment