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Walking on sunshine...

In June 2015 we held our first singing holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Spetses. It was a great success and has now become an annual June event (apart from 2020, for obvious reasons!). We usually also run several other singing holidays during the year (so don’t panic if you can’t do June). The week (or two if you like) combines some rehearsal time with a lot of downtime and fun. Just ask anyone who has been what it was like - for many people this holiday has become an annual fixture in their diaries.

This holiday is a very fulfilling experience. It is very different to our weekend trips - it offers plenty of relaxation time, lots of singing, friendly locals, optional excursions & events, great food & culture and opportunities to boogie.

You may choose to combine your holiday in Spetses with a day or two in Athens. This has proved very popular amongst the group and also helps to eliminate the early start (otherwise required) to make a UK flight and be in Athens by 1pm on the day of our departure to Spetses.

Includes a scenic road journey from Athens city or Athens airport to Kosta, where we will board a private boat for the 15 minute ride to Spetses. We include a stop somewhere nice along the way and normally arrive in Spetses for around 6.30 pm, where people can freshen-up and go out for dinner.

A snapshot of our Spetses location

Our accommodation is walking distance to a choice of beaches, as well as the charming old harbour with its restaurants & bars in a relaxed setting. The main resort centre is a pleasant 15 mins walk away and where you will find many shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.

As enjoyed in previous years - there will be the possibility of organised tours/activities on the island such as:

  • Chartering a private boat to travel around the island for the day where it stops for a swim, followed by a restaurant lunch (overlooking a lovely bay)
  • Cycling or motorbike hire, which is a great way to take in the beautiful coast & island. You can cycle the whole island in a matter of hours, or longer, if you wanted to stretch it out.
  • Pool party - one day each week (with local catering and sadly, no pool activities). This includes an open mic and a good boogie!

This holiday is open to friends and family and there's no need to be an active member of London City Voices to join the holiday. We have had several non LCV members come along, immerse themselves amongst a friendly environment, idyllic location and really enjoy it.
Please note: this holiday is not suitable for children - there are no crèche facilities and the activities are very much based around adults.

1 week (7 nights)

Monday 8-15 June or Monday 15-22 June

2 weeks (14 nights)

Monday 8 – 22 June

Sole occupancy £733 £1247
Twin/Double £573 per person £923 per person
Triple £533 per person £838 per person

Athens stay (pre/post Spetses)

If you’d like to experience a night or two in this interesting, historically-rich city we can reserve our usual, centrally located 3 star hotel for you:

  • Sole occupancy: £90 per night
  • Twin/double: £52 per person per night

Both including breakfast.

This 3 star hotel has been our successful option for the last three years and is minutes walk from the heart of Athens and walking distance to many of its sights.
It has an amazing rooftop terrace with a 360 degree view of the city. The Acropolis at night is especially stunning.
If you prefer a higher star rating, or simply - something else this may also be looked into and booked for you.

For costs, please contact johnjoannou@live.co.uk to discuss.


Only British Airways have released their summer’19 schedule (as of 07 Sep’18).
Five airlines operate DIRECT flights from London to Athens. This is based on 2018 schedules.

Flights times you need to book (IMPORTANT!)

Your flight arrival into Athens on 10 or 17 June needs to be no later than 1 pm as the coach is due to depart the airport at 2 pm. We may have an earlier pick-up from Athens city (from a fixed city pick-up point), if you are staying extra night/s.

Please book an evening flight on 17 or 24 June as there will only be one coach journey back to Athens

  • Easyjet (Gatwick)
  • British Airways (Heathrow)
  • Wizzair (Luton) Unless you are extending your time in Athens (or Greece) on the return please do NOT use Wizz on the inbound to London - 17 or 24 June as they do not have flights in the evening from Athens (read ‘flights to book’).
  • Aegean Air (Heathrow) Unless you are extending your time in Athens (or Greece) on the outbound please do NOT use Aegean flights: London-Athens on 10 or 17 June as they do not have flights arriving before 1 pm (read ‘flights to book’).
  • Ryanair (Stansted) Unless you are extending your time in Athens (or Greece) in BOTH directions - Ryan Air flights should NOT be used as they do not arrive or depart at the relevant recommended times.

For more info or to book

Please contact John Joannou (not Richard) for more information or to book your place.

To reserve your place on Greece 2019 we would require a non-refundable £100 deposit.
It is recommended that you book your place soon as it’s anticipated to prove ever-popular, each week will be capped at approximately 30 people.

Extension of holiday after confirmation: if you decide to extend the singing holiday dates and especially once you’re out in Greece we ask you to book and pay for any change or extension via LCV Travel and not to make any arrangements individually with our accommodation provider. This is an activity-based holiday and costs must be factored–in accordingly.

If you are interested, please let us know by contacting John Joannou at johnjoannou@live.co.uk or call +44 (0)7763 120 452.

What our LCV travellers say

Flawlessly organised, packed with fun, laughs & of course plenty of singing!!  Although I sing in a choir I’m not actually a member of LCV but my sister is. I was made to feel so welcome and didn’t feel like an outsider at all!

Spetses 1

I have been twice to Spetses with LCV and have thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. It is a beautiful island but really it is going away with a group that brings the joy. Lots of singing, drinking and eating and getting to know each other. I particularly enjoy hiring a quad bike and touring the island, stopping off at the little beaches on the way. Nobody ever wants to go home. I find this sort of organized holiday really helpful as it enables me to have a great holiday with a really nice bunch of people. I highly recommend Spetses with LCV.

Spetses 2

The LCV trip to Spetses is special. It gives a chance to sing in the open air at our hotel under the lemon trees or in the town square and to share this with lovely people who have a passion for singing. The island is calm and attractive with good Greek food and generous hospitality always on offer from those living on Spetses.

Spetses 3

My LCV holidays on Spetses have been brilliant. The island is beautiful, the villa is relaxing and the singing lessons under olive tree are a delight. I have made some great LCV friends who I wouldn’t have got to know had I not gone to Spetses.

Spetses 4

A holiday on a beautiful Greek island with daily singing by the pool under a magnificent olive tree, enjoying the delights of Greek cuisine in various restaurants by the sea, swimming in a secluded cove in turquoise waters, a fun boat ride around the island, a concert and a pool-party, a bit of culture in Athens and Epidaurus, and above all the opportunity to spend time with a group of fun and friendly people. Oh and did I mention singing, lots of singing?

Spetses 5

The Spetses holiday is great fun – singing in the morning next to the pool, spare time in the afternoon on an idyllic island and then a tailor-made group of people to enjoy Greek food with in the evening! I have really enjoyed the holidays, made friends and learnt some new songs.

Spetses 6

I joined LCV in May of 2015 – and at my very first rehearsal I heard about the new singing holiday in Spetses arranged for June that year.   If I wasn’t already thrilled to find such a friendly, inclusive choir – to hear that they also arranged holidays … I was over the moon! The tricky part was that the holiday was in only a few weeks’ time and I didn’t know anyone yet!  But took the plunge anyway and signed up, what’s the worst thing that could happen? It turned out to be the absolute best thing I could have done. The week away was a brilliant way of getting to know some of the people I’d met at rehearsal that much better and also gave me the opportunity of building friendships with others that I would probably have never met. Plus singing every day really increased my confidence level. To anyone who might be feeling they are too ‘new’ to sign up for a holiday – my advice would be to jump right in – you won’t regret it!

Spetses 7

Loved every minute of the Spetses trip (both of them): swimming in the pool, rehearsing under the olive tree, fantastic food, lots of singing and great company!

Spetses 8

Spetses was a fabulous combination of song, sun and souvlaki! It was wonderfully rejuvenating to spend time singing on a stunning island with enjoyable company. A brilliant holiday.

Spetses 9

A relaxing, friendly and fun singing holiday on a lovely Greek island As well as daily singing practice in the villa garden there is the opportunity to explore the island by foot, boat, bike, horse & cart, or quad bike or simply chill on a beach, by the pool or, in one of the many bars or restaurants. 

Spetses 10

I had originally not considered the trip too much as I just wasn’t sure what a ‘Choir trip’ would involve or what the atmosphere would be like… it wasn’t until a couple of days prior that I seriously considered it as an option and upon a last minute impulse, I decided to come just the day before Spetses stared and flew out to Greece the following morning!

And what a success that last minute decision was. For starters, the villa is beautiful and feels like home. The island is truly stunning with loads of beautiful beaches to laze on, nice restaurants and bars and plenty of fun activities to do to fill in the week – my favourites were a day spent quad biking and another day spent exploring the island coast by boat!

Beyond that, it was an incredibly joyful experience. I only really knew the Swans before going so was a bit nervous I wouldn’t fit in, but by the time I left Athens airport at lunch on day 1 I was already proven wrong and welcomed into a Spetses family. This group have become important friends and since then, having this core group of LCV friends, I’ve been able to massively expand the friendships I have throughout the rest of LCV, making every rehearsal even more fun than they were before. As well as this, the singing is such fun and the opportunity to sing in a small group vastly improved my confidence when singing in general. A particular highlight for me was the open mic night in the villa back garden. The atmosphere was so nurturing, joyful and filled with love and encouragement that it genuinely brought me to a few secret tears. 

If you’re considering taking the trip, my advice is to stop hesitating and just book it. You won’t regret it (and you won’t get stuck paying for expensive flights because of a last minute change of mind like I did!)

Spetses 11

Last year’s Spetses trip was one of my favourite and most relaxing holidays.  It was a great opportunity to get to know new people, learn new music and take some time out in a beautiful location that seemed like it was there ‘just for us’.  The supportive small-group setting and the LCV musical talent on display at the Spetses open mic evening inspired me to do more practice when I got home.  I will definitely be going back.

Spetses 12

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