Spiffingly Splendid Summer Shenanigans

9 August 2017 Featured, News

July was another busy month for LCV, thanks to some rather splendid gigs. First, there was the Chaps Olympiad, where a handsome bunch of choir members decked themselves in vintage finery and generally had a jolly good time with plenty of larks and buffoonery. These wonderful pictures below, courtesy of choir member and professional photographer Caro Swan show how – with some well-placed pipes, handkerchiefs, tweed jackets, pencil skirts and Victory curls – we managed to party like it’s 1949 (while also entertaining with some good old sing-alongs of course!) You can see more pictures of the event here

Sticking with the vintage theme, next we returned to the Epping Ongar Railway and Real Ale festival, which had proven very popular last year – especially as it offered the opportunity to tick off singing on a steam train from your bucket list. We were able to reacquaint ourselves with some lovely old geezers – of the train variety, not those propping up the beer tent bar – as well as some vintage buses, plus even a token owl. (Don’t ask why – maybe they had misplaced the platform whistle….). Of course, it would have been unseemly not to have sampled some of the craft beers and ciders on offer. As a result, even the frequent downpours didn’t put too much of a dampener on things. Well it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a spot of rain at an English summer-time event, would it?

The girls showing the boys how to down pints in the Engar beer festival tent

Someone who particularly enjoyed the Epping event was Chris Wisniewski, who happened to be visiting from the States (or rather “coming home” as she put it). Chris’s affection for London is in no small part due to her having been a dedicated member of LCV during her time spent this side of the pond. Naturally, she is still an honorary member, and has yet again shown her commitment by heading straight to Epping practically as soon as her plane touched down! Chris then proceeded to go to every rehearsal the following week and added a dose of Rockeoke, where she did a rousing rendition of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree to boot. You have definitely earned your LCV stripes Chris and it has been lovely having you back with us, albeit for far too short a time. We understand totally that your new job on the Cape Cod with a whale watching firm, with the perk of unlimited whale watching opportunities, is little recompense for the loss of regular singing sessions with London’s favourite choir.

Chris Wisniewski on a rare moment when she isn’t singing, but still hanging out with LCV friends

Other exciting news – we have an LCV engagement! Yes, it was love at first recite for choir members Paolo and Claire, who realised that they were in harmony in more ways than one. They want us to know that: “we both feel so lucky to have met each other doing something that we love, and to share the experience with so many great people.” Thanks guys, but what we really want to know is, do we get to sing at the wedding??!!!

Paolo Diaz Williams with Claire – spot the engagement ring – Morse

As if that wasn’t enough to bring some warmth to a typical English August then another choir member, Hannah Dolan, gave birth to William Louis Jampson Harvey on Saturday 22nd July. He is a darling and both are doing very well. In fact he has already made a head start in learning the LCV repertoire for when his time comes, having listened to them intently over the past nine months. I’m told that prior to birth he was particularly partial to the Beach Boys medley and would become quite active when Hannah sang that number. Apparently this is quite a common occurrence when unborn babies are subjected to good vibrations.

Hannah Dolan and young William – who already seems to be singing!

Weddings and births aside, the next big date in everyone’s diary is, of course, the LCV summer concert on Thursday 24 August at the fabulous Troxy. Tickets are available here. Without divulging too much in advance, my advice to Hannah is to bring young William along. I’ve a feeling he’s going to love it!

Singing at the Troxy – photo courtesy of Matty Swan