Spring into Summer

3 May 2017 Featured, LCV Stories, News

LCV members are now officially taking a break, before the new term starts on Monday 8th May. But, we’ve still been pretty busy. First off, the spring term culminated with another magnificent concert at the Troxy – described by audience and participants as the best yet! Then a swift venue turnaround produced a fabulous after-party where choir members and friends gave it their all on the dance floor (in particular Ed, who managed to combine the loudest suit with the slickest of moves!)

Flower Girl Dresses

Before you could say ‘jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash’, we were called to action again. This time to give the London Marathon runners an extra spring in their stride, by serenading them at a prime spot – practically underneath Big Ben in fact! You could safely say we earned our pitch, as we sang for nearly six hours; inflicting hoarse voices and ‘sun-kissed’ noses on ourselves in the process. Naturally we raised our game when LCV members Alexandra Scott and Jess Linn sprinted past; in fact we like to think that their medals were a team effort. Alexandra’s fundraising for her chosen mental health charity, Mind, was definitely an LCV collaboration. Her excellent speech on the Troxy podium two nights before resulted in a whip round by the audience that bumped her race coffers by well over £1000!


Another athletic effort involved a 14km ‘stroll’ in the beautiful Kent countryside, organised by choir member James Ashcroft-Leigh – who somehow managed to entice 29 members out of their beds on a Sunday without even promising any singing. It seems we can occasionally get our kicks in other ways. Back to form, it seemed that so many were missing the buzz of the post-rehearsal pub singalong that they met up one evening dress anyhow, just for the ‘after part’. And rumours circulating of LCV members being spotted at YouRock in Brixton (that’s live band karoake, run by Ben Swan, for the uninitiated) confirm that we really cannot get enough of singing!

Some of us had an introduction to recording earlier in the term, when we were asked to record a song for March 4 Women at a studio in north London. Further afield, members are still raving about their recent LCV trip to Iceland, where the choir entertained many an Icelander from our repertoire, in-between gazing at waterfalls, geysers, rainbows, cute ponies and a light spectacle that could almost outshine the Troxy on an LCV gig night. We will be ‘on tour’ again in June, for our regular jaunt to Spetses in Greece (think sea, sand, sunshine and song). Then we head to Italy’s Verona in the autumn – where no doubt some LCVers will attempt to serenade tourists from Juliet’s balcony.

If you’re new to LCV and thinking of joining us, but you’d like to just attend rehearsals and maybe sing in the concert, then that’s absolutely fine! Just be aware that you may not be able to resist the other stuff – official or unofficial. So, it’s best to clear your diary now. After all, Massaoke is just around the corner….One date that everyone will want to keep free is Thursday 24 August, our Summer Concert night. Naturally, we’ll be putting in lots of practise before now and then, in many places; definitely down the pub. You can’t accuse us of not being committed!

cheap lace front wigs 

As our final bow to the spring term and break, here are some visual highlights courtesy of choir members. You can also see more official LCV concert photos, thanks to the photographic talents of Matty Swan, here