The Time is Nigh….

15 April 2017 LCV Stories, News

Another LCV concert is just around the corner – which can only mean one thing folks: right now a certain repertoire of songs can be heard from every corner of London. We’ve been singing while cooking the roast; in the beauty salon (that’s double dedication for you); while painting the fence or doing some DIY; on the allotment, from our sick beds or sunbathing in the garden; and from trains, planes and automobiles (wherever we go, LCV goes too).

It’s 5am, it’s 6 hours to Devon, we have a tank full of gas, and our LCV music!

One member, Helen, didn’t want a trivial thing like running the Brighton marathon to get in the way of, let’s face it, the one really important event in her calendar. So she hummed the songs continuously to herself as she ran – which she says had the extra benefit of getting her through the toughest parts of the race. Reportedly, adjacent runners benefited too – by upping their game just to get away from her before she sang that song again.

It’s LCV wot won it for Helen!

Our partners’ tolerance levels are currently being tested to the max and there has been a concurrent spike of people deciding they do need to be in the office over Easter after all. Confused dogs keep thinking they are being told to sit (preferably next to their owner, which is weird as they aren’t normally allowed on the sofa). Cats are either busy looking everywhere for an elusive bird or goose, or having allusions that they’re a tiger about to be put on a gold leash. Babies are being rocked like they’ve never been rocked before; toddlers are learning to sing before they can talk. Teenagers can’t decide whether they should be embarrassed or impressed that their parents can now do gangnam style; and the neighbours are willing the lassie to go to Scotland so badly that they’re all going to chip in to buy her a ticket!

Let’s hope the neighbours are away. If not they will be soon.

Us, we’re just all doing our bit to make sure we don’t let the side down and that the spring concert is the best yet! With such professionalism and dedication the audience will be in for another treat. So book your tickets now!

Somewhere in there is a Ben rehearsing

This is Morgan rehearsing apparently. Can you tell he’s lived in L.A…..?