The Nineties



Sop 1
Sop 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Bass 1
Bass 2

Notes from the musical directors on what to look out for on this song:

  • Tenors and Altos bar 66 - remember the rest between "but we're" and "alright"!!!!!
  • Sops, Tenors, Basses bar 127 - sing this section loudly, and extend the notes right to the end of each bar! Going for a gospel sound here.
  • Tenors, Basses 185 - sing in head voice, it's really high!!
  • Basses 222 - sing with lots of drama, opera-style. I want you to over-exaggerate this.
  • Huge, loud gospel sound at 258 - slide up to the note for "taaaaaake"
  • Sops, Altos bar 306 - remember that every "forty five" is slightly different.
  • Bar 380 - though fun and silly, this part also needs to be exactly in time. Practice with the recordings for the exact reference.
  • Altos bar 384 - you're singing a harmony, not the tune!