Spring 22 Week 5

7 Feb


10 Feb


More 90s fun.

Note different venue for Wednesday's rehearsal - St Giles Cripplegate, Fore St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DA. We can't use St Mary's this week because they're having some electrical work done.

As ever, please come prepared with your own music in whatever form you like it - printed, phone, tablet... We're no longer giving out sheet music, but if you forget there will be a QR code to this week's music on the reception desk. And it would also help if you have a listen to the recordings if they're available.

Rehearsals in all the usual places. In-person rehearsals are 6.30-8.30pm - note the extra half hour!

Registration for the online rehearsals are as follows:

TUESDAY at 7pm (online only)

WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm (streamed from St Mary-at-Hill)


Barcelona: We made great progress last week. This week we'll be doing the second half of the song, from bar 45 to the end.

What's Up: This is one we've done before. We're hoping to get through most (if not all) of it. A lot of it quite predictable and repetitive.

Nineties: Last week we reached bar 282. This week we'll be going up to bar 380. We're starting with a new section for all of us, featuring Wet Wet Wet, Take That, Whitney and Maria McKee (make sure you have version 2.1). Do have a listen beforehand and try to familiarise yourselves with your part - especially Cotton Eye Joe (which is really fast) and the new section.

COVID safety

All our venues have hand sanitiser and we'll keep them as well ventilated as we can. We would appreciate if you would take a Lateral Flow test before attending, although we will not be checking these. You're very welcome to wear a mask or not as you wish. Please be kind and respect other people's decisions. As ever, please do not attend if you're feeling ill.

Post-rehearsal socialising

Mondays at the Golden Lion

Wednesdays at Jamies, St Mary-at-Hill

Thursdays at Auberge, 1 Sandell Street

Do come and join us. If you're not sure where to go or just want a buddy to go with look for the pink badges or speak to Richard or Kate and they'll link you up with someone heading that way.



Apologies - this is a bit gurgly - I was having huge problems with my internet that day.



Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Caballe

The Nineties


What's Up?

4 Non Blondes

St Anne's Church


55 Dean Street, London W1D 6AF

St Anne's church is accessed through a glass door at the Shaftesbury Avenue end of Dean Street. This group usually attracts around 50 singers.

The venue is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet.

Entrance on Dean Street.

Oasis Academy Johanna


Johanna Street, Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RH

We meet in the main hall of Oasis Academy Johanna primary school, accessed via the gate at the end of Johanna St (off Lower Marsh). Our Waterloo branch normally attracts around 60 people.

The school is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet.

Entrance on Johanna Street


wherever you are!

Wherever you are

Tuesdays (online only) at 6.30pm and Wednesdays (streamed from the live rehearsal) also at 6:30pm

If you're signed up to one of our full membership plans - Monthly, Annual or Out-Of-Town - you'll be able to access the registration links for our online rehearsals from the member dashboard.

If you're planning to be a regular online member, it's definitely worth trying out Jamulus, which is what quite a few of our members use alongside Zoom. Basically, if you don't use Jamulus, you have to remain muted while you're singing. If you use Jamulus, the software routes your audio through to a special server which means that you're able to sing in real-time with the other people who are also on there. It's a bit fiddly to get set-up, but we're happy to help you if you're prepared to do some of the work too. You need a wired ethernet connection (not wifi) and wired headphones. Mac users have an easier time of the installation process.