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Just turn up (no need to book) to any of our branches for your free first session!

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To join London City Voices, you just need to turn up to any of our branches for your free taster session. Please check the Schedule page to make sure there’s a rehearsal on the day you’re planning to come.

Termly or yearly membership gives you automatic membership of all four branches, so if you miss your regular rehearsal for any reason, you can make it up by coming to any of the others: West End on Mondays, Victoria on Tuesdays, City of London on Wednesdays and Waterloo on Thursdays.

  • Beginners welcome
  • No auditions
  • Free trial
  • 6:30PM start
  • Fun pop repertoire
  • Expert Directors


Your first session is free of course, but thereafter there are several ways to pay. You can pay £17 by cash or card per session if you like, simply hand it over to whoever is on the door when you arrive. However, termly membership is £140, which ends up being much better value, or you can save even more money by paying £350 for the whole year! You can pay by:

  • Online by card
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer to London City Voices Ltd (details on your new starter sheet which you’ll be given at your first session)

You can also split the term fee into two instalments if that is easier. If you join quite late in the term (usually after about 5 or 6 weeks) the fee is reduced so you don’t pay for lots of sessions that you couldn’t have attended - please speak to Kate or Richard about how much is payable.

The advantage of paying per term or year, apart from it being cheaper, is that you can attend as many sessions in as many venues as you like. We learn the same songs in each one. However, if paying per session suits you better, that’s also fine by us. Please note, the payments for the term and year are non-refundable.

Pay by term

Termly payment in full


Pay with Card

1st or 2nd instalment for full term


Pay with Card

Pay yearly

Annual payment in full


Pay with Card

1st or 2nd instalment for full year


Pay with Card

Here's a few things you might find useful.

Sheet music and recordings

After you join you’ll have access to the sheet music and practice recordings for our entire repertoire through the Resources page on this website (you’ll be given a password). Please print out your music, put it in a folder or tablet and bring it to each practice.

Mailing list

Please sign up to our mailing list using the form on the website footer. This is our main method of keeping in touch with everyone and all of our important news is communicated in this way. Occasionally we get urgent requests to perform at various gigs, and we often need an answer before the next rehearsal.

Social media

We’re all Twittered and Facebooked up, so if you’re on such things, follow us and give us a like! We also have a Facebook members only group. Lots of discussions happen on there, so feel free to request to join (NB if your Facebook name is different from the name you’ve given us, please let us know – we get lots of random requests from spammers wishing to join the group, so we manually approve everyone. If we don’t recognise your name, we won’t approve you).


We do a full-scale concert at the end of each term. Have a look at some of our concert videos.

Concert dress for our spring and summer concerts is usually any colour from our logo – red, pink or orange, teamed with black as necessary. You will be standing for the whole concert so wear comfortable shoes. For our Christmas concerts this may change to include something more sparkly and festive.

In addition, we also do several collections for charity, usually at various tube stations. And then there are the unpredictable last-minute requests, such as joining Damien Rice at the London Palladium.

And finally

Please come and join us in the pub after practice. We’re very friendly and like to get to know new members. Whether or not you can make it to the pub, please do go and introduce yourself to Richard at some point, otherwise he may never get to learn who you are.

Still have questions?

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CORONAVIRUS update. All our rehearsals will be online for the moment. If you're not already a member, please sign up to the newsletter in the footer. Within a few days of signing up, you should receive an email with details of the next online rehearsal. Stay safe!