How to join

If you’d like to become part of the LCV family, please fill in the following form. Once you do, you’ll have to verify your email address, then you’ll receive an email with lots of useful information about joining. In that email you’ll be given a link to book a free taster session at one of our rehearsals

We respect your email privacy

Please make sure you’re signed up to the email and arrange a taster session before you pay anything. If you’ve already been to a taster session, select one of the membership options below and click the “Buy Now” button. All subscriptions are paid by Direct Debit and you can cancel anytime. If you need to move plans for some reason or other, it’s easy for us to manage that for you – just drop us a line. Please do make sure that you’ve subscribed to the email list though, as otherwise you won’t receive the information that you need.

Annual Membership

£350 per year

Best value
Access all weekly rehearsals (in-person & online)

Monthly Membership

£35 per month

Most popular option
Access all weekly rehearsals (in-person & online)

OOT (Out-of-town) Basic

£15 per month

Online only events
Suitable for international members

OOT (Out-of-town) Plus

£20 per month

Online plus up to four in-person rehearsals per term
Suitable for non-London-based UK members

Things to bear in mind

Sheet music and recordings
After you join you’ll have access to the sheet music and practice recordings for our entire repertoire through the Member Login page on this website (you’ll be given a password). Please either print out your music and put it in a plain black folder or upload it to an iPad or tablet and bring it to each practice.

Our main way of getting information to you is email. If you’re intending to be a member, we need you to read the weekly emails that we’ll send. We also have a Telegram group which we use for more immediate responses. Occasionally we get urgent requests to perform at various gigs, and we often need an answer before the next rehearsal.

Social media
We’re all Twittered, Instagrammed and Facebooked up, so if you’re on such things, follow us and give us a like! We also have a Facebook members only group. Lots of discussions happen on there, so feel free to request to join (NB if your Facebook name is different from the name you’ve given us, please let us know – we get lots of random requests from spammers wishing to join the group, so we manually approve everyone. If we don’t recognise your name, we won’t approve you).

We usually do a full-scale concert at the end of each term. Have a look at some of our concert videos.

Dress Code
Concert dress for our summer concerts is usually any colour from our logo – red, pink or orange, teamed with black as necessary. You will be standing for the whole concert so wear comfortable shoes. Our Spring concerts are usually themed (80s, 90s etc) and appropriate extravagant fancy dress is encouraged (but not compulsory – but you’ll need to fit in). For our Christmas concerts we ask you to wear something more sparkly and festive.

Other events
In addition, we also do several collections for charity, usually at various tube stations at Christmas. And then there are the unpredictable last-minute requests, such as joining Annie Lennox for her charity release of Dido’s Lament, or Damien Rice at the London Palladium.

And finally
Please come and join us in the pub after practice. We’re very friendly and like to get to know new members. Whether or not you can make it to the pub, please do go and introduce yourself to Richard at some point, otherwise he may never get to learn who you are.

COVID-19: We have restarted in-person rehearsals again. If you would like to join, please sign up to our email on the Join Us page. You'll get an email about how to arrange a taster session.