Hello everyone. Unsurprisingly, we've had to cancel our final Christmas Concert of 2021 due to the rapid spreading of Omicron. We are disappointed, but we feel it's the right decision to make.

However, we're very excited to tell you that in place of the concert, we will be using the power of technology to bring you a fantastic, live online concert at the same time (Friday 17 December, 7:30pm). You can attend this over Zoom, but members of LCV will be using a great piece of software called Jamulus to sing LIVE together. If you've ever tried to sing Happy Birthday to someone over Zoom, you'll know that this doesn't work... but using this software, it does.

We'll be asking you to donate to one or both of our fabulous charities if you attend.

Dreams Come True is a marvellous organisation, providing unforgettable experiences for children with life-limiting conditions.

+256 Youth Platform is a youth organisation in Eastern Uganda empowering young people to overcome oppression, discrimination and poverty through music, sports, social entrepreneurship and education.


Tickets are £7.50 per household.

We're starting at 7:30pm, and it should go until around 8:45pm. We'll then have a big Zoom singalong "around" my studio piano.

If you'd like to see what a live performance online can be like, check this out from earlier this year. Please note: this is NOT one of the virtual videos that was circulating, which are pieced together bit by bit. This was all live - what you hear is exactly what we heard at the time. Tomorrow's concert will be similar.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and hope to see you tomorrow.


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