One of the things I love about singing is that it really crosses boundaries. At London City Voices, we often have barristers sitting next to sheet metal workers, senior tax accountants next to interns, headhunters next to people "between jobs". And the thing is, very often the former have been known to be slightly in awe of the latter. The thing about raw talent is that it doesn't take note of what's on your CV. It just manifests, pure and simple, without asking permission. It doesn't mind if you didn't go to public school, or whether you got a degree or not, or indeed, whether you read music or not. Some people have got naturally great voices, with an innate understanding of the nuances of vocal technique.

The great news is that it doesn't matter if that isn't you - you can still be part of a choir. Just because some people exude expertise on the sports field, and seem to have a natural ability to control a football, tennis ball or shuttlecock (that's definitely not me, by the way), it doesn't mean that everyone else shouldn't enjoy participating in a team sport. You may never be someone who is destined to achieve greatness in sport, but you can still make a positive contribution in a game. So it is with singing. Just because you may never be considered as a contender on "The Voice", it doesn't mean that I wouldn't be delighted if you came and joined my choir. Seriously. I'd love you to. And don't give me the "you haven't heard me yet" line. You haven't experienced me teaching you yet.

Originally posted on 16 Feb 2017 on LinkedIn.

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